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How to Extend the Life of your Car

Prolonging the life of your vehicle means saving a significant amount of money. The longer your car works, the better your chances to save and prioritize other needs. With the nearing implementation of the new tax reform scheme, we've shared these guidelines to help those who do not plan to buy a new vehicle and [...]

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Donate Car To Charity

The situation in the world is well known to everyone weather that person is on the rich side or on the poor side. The wealth is splited so badly and unfair that, if we haven’t been living it, we would think it's a science fiction. Some people, and that's about 2 percent of us all, [...]

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Things to Consider in Selecting a Tour Bus Company

If you expect a hard and fast formula to selecting a tour bus company well, you would be disappointed because there isn’t one on the planet. Except of course the ultimate formula that directs all over shopping and purchasing i.e it should fit my budget. Let’s take a look at the most important factors you [...]

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