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Country Bus is one of the most trusted names in group travel for over two decades across the United Kingdom. Founded by two travel and tour lovers the services has an extended fleet of busses to ensure that you get just the right bus you are looking for to make your tour the memorable one.


Country Bus is one of the most trusted names in group travel for over two decades across the United Kingdom.

How to Extend the Life of your Car

Prolonging the life of your vehicle means saving a significant amount of money. The longer your car works, the better your chances to save and prioritize other needs. With the nearing implementation of the new tax reform scheme, we’ve shared these guidelines to help those who do not plan to buy a new vehicle and settle for their old one. These guidelines can also apply to car owners who are looking to purchase a new vehicle before new tax rules sets in.

Chilling During the Break-In

The breaking-in period is a critical stage in owning a car. Drive moderately while keeping the speed according to the recommendations of your vehicle’s manufacturer. You should also not forget the following:

  • Never let the vehicle carry heavy loads. Towing other vehicles or trailers and loading the trunk or roof track with heavy materials will induce damage to the car.
  • Drive less but do not let your car to idle for a long time. A car stored in the garage for a long time might cause other parts of the engine to be deprived of oil.
  • Short trips can be damaging to the muffler. Whenever you start the engine, condensation causes water to be stored in the mufflers. Shorter drives may not be enough to release the accumulated water and will cause the mufflers to rust.
  • Use medium or light accelerations for the first few hours of driving.

Driving with Care

After the break in period, you are expected to use the vehicle daily. During this time, you should be careful how to use the car to avoid spending on constant repairs.

  • Accelerate slowly during the start of your regular driving. The drive train and engine wears most expectedly during the first 20 minutes of use.
  • Do not warm the engine by allowing the car to be idle. If the engine is not able to operate at its required temperature, then your car will face incomplete combustion, oil contamination, and damaged components.
  • Don’t drive at high speeds.
  • Reduce engine strain by shifting to neutral when the red lights are on. This will ensure that the engine stops operating at the car’s halt.
  • Use the appropriate gear – this will also help you to get the best economy out of your motor.

Choose the right car insurance plan

Car insurance plans are mandatory in the UK and owning a car means choosing the right insurer with the best plans. There are numerous unbiased comparison tools for you to check your car insurance options. By filling out the tool with your information, you automatically generate options that suit your car model, driving experience, age and budget. A car insurance plan is important in giving you that protection while driving. It covers not just you but also your vehicle in times of accidents.

Read the Manufacturer’s Manual

Proper data about the car will help you implement the right measures to prolong or extend its life. The owner’s manual is equipped with useful information to keep you guided. These bits and pieces of info will save you from spending more on repair and replacements of car parts.

Here are a few things you should know from the owner’s manual:

  • How to setup the car
  • How to check the oil and other fluids
  • How to troubleshoot common problems
  • How to retain ideal pressure on tires
  • How to clean car’s surfaces
  • How to drive safely
  • What is covered by the vehicle’s warranty

Extending the life of your car is easy if owners make a conscious effort to familiarise themselves with the car. All these best practices coupled with the right car insurance plan ensures that you make the most out of your vehicle investment.

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